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equipment and support for equestrian sports

Video walls

HSR performance delivers state-of-the-art video walls in any size (between 12 sqm and 60 sqm).

Our video walls are both available on trailers (operational in 15 minutes) or can be installed partially mobile or hanging.

Pixel spacings less than 10mm provide brilliant images even under direct sunlight.

HSR performance also provides the complete content management for video walls and implements your stadium tv. We are your partner for all live productions, carry out professional multi camera productions, deliver mobile studio technology, take over the complete image-governing and generate parallel all required graphics.

Already standard during tv broadcasts of many sport events (e.g. soccer) but relatively new in equestrian events: LED - background advertising.

HSR performance delivers LED background advertising at the highest technical level. The technical standards, defined by DFB and FIFA in terms of soccer can be ensured by the modules we are using.

These technical features are documented and garantuee the required capabilities for your tv broadcasting activities.

SMD technology and pixel spacings of just 10 mm guarantee highest advertising suitability.

HSR performance not only delivers LED/SMD technology but also takes care of graphical management of your background advertising.