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equipment and support for equestrian sports

Audio engineering and music - acoustic concepts for your show

Since 1990, HSR performance is synonymous with quality in audio engineering, background music and presentation of mid-sized and large equestrian events.

Thanks to our experience in speaker positioning and volume direction we guarantee optimal acoustics throughout your arenas, tents and buildings. High performance speakers and amplifiers ensure optimal sound of music and commentators voice.

Our speaker systems are placed so as to minimally obstruct the spectators‘ view. Digital music players give quick access to over 60.000 titles conforming to the requirements at horse shows in general, and to the situational needs in specific. Failure-free digital audio transmission and wireless options for far-flung corners of the venue are standard offers.

We are one of the European leaders in the professional provision of background music for equine events of all types. Festive openings, grandiose victor‘s fanfares and atmospheric tunes - HSR performance gets the crowd going!

The musical framing of your show, stud presentation or gala will be planned in close consultation with you. Entertaining and empathetical, electrifying and emotional - HSR performance makes your event unforgettable through the musical ambiance.

Europe‘s leading stud farms, auctions and show organizers have been relying on our finesse and experience for years.

Experience it yourself and let us entertain your audience!

Especially in the field of commentaries, genuine expertise and knowledge of the scene are indispensable. Next to entertainment, it is expert information that the spectators are looking for after all.

Rider interviews, sponsor exposure in the main arena and the presentation of the competitors during the classes must be conducted flawlessly and professionally by the commentator.

We offer our services in the following areas (in German and English):

  • Show presentation / commentary
  • Stud presentations
  • Gala shows
  • Product- and sponsor presentation